Guaranteed Leads / Setup Instructions

Welcome to the Guaranteed Leads Program...


Best Practices To Consider:

I want to plant the seed here of some email marketing best practices so you can get the most out of these powerful new leads on your email list. *I'll be covering everything in depth in the "Email Marketing School" private group linked to above.

First, My #1 Best Email Marketing Technique/Practice:

This here is my secret sauce so to speak and it's awesome! It works like this, instead of writing long form emails (which can contain a lot of spam and block words) you instead write the email in a blog post, then when you write the email it's short and punchy and links to the blog post where you can write as much as you want without getting blocked by email receiving accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

Don't have a Wordpress blog? The fastest easiest way to get one is to use THIS SYSTEM HERE. *why this system? every other way of setting up a blog is harder and more complex, this system will allow up to 50 blogs and you'll have full control unlike other system or more complex setups. The setup, support, training & help provided with this system is superior to any other solution, bar none.

Best Practice: over time IF you use this method, I suggest you setup a very clean non confusing blog, really make it look like an email message (especially as it lays out on mobile devices). Here's an example of one of mine [WebMailReader]. With this method it's easy to have custom domain names with custom email ([email protected]) and this really helps your email deliverability (see more on this below).

1. List warmup period; if you have never sent an email from your email list, I'll need to know that and we will warm up your list sending by slowly adding leads to your list at first (you'll still get the same number of leads over time, we'll just slow it down at first to warm up your list). List warmup is a huge factor of how effective your email list is in terms of deliverability. For example if we add 100 leads per day to a brand new list on an email autoresponder account that has never sent an email using your domain name (see domain name best practices next) then it can hurt your deliverability rate; a warmup is normal with email marketing and sending from a new domain (new domain = a web address/email that has never sent autoresponder or broadcast/bulk emails.)

2. Your From Email Address: you must setup your email autoresponder account with a custom from email address (custom meaning, a web address you own preferably [email protected]). Never use generic emails such as "admin@" or "info@" or "support@" and certainly NEVER @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail etc. There is a multitude of ways to implement and setup/receive emails to [email protected] - so if you need specific help please contact me before proceeding.

3. DKIM / SPF records: this is the technical side of email marketing and a side that almost no one will tell you about; it can seem complex if you have never dealt with it however, it's a major best practice. Each email autoresponder account will provide different info on this and you will want to search their help files for this information. However suffice it to say that these are simply text (TXT) records associated with your domain name (web address) and can be implemented at your domain registrar (GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.). I can provide a custom consult and help with this if it is out of your league, however again, it's a best practice to implement this in your email marketing plan and can really help with trust and deliverability.

*note, in the end it's ultimately a best practice to have several different domain names you can email from so you should consider building that up over time (I personally have about 6 I use), some are for autoresponder messages, some for broadcast, some for specifics lists etc. Consider this and do a custom consult with me if you want specific help.

4. Maintain Your Domain Reputation: I suggest you make it a best practice to check your domain name and website IP address to be sure you remain a trusted email sender; if at any point your domain name or IP address are on a blacklist, you will want to stop using that domain to send emails immediately (getting removed from a blacklist is next to impossible). It happens so not that big of a deal especially if you are sending a lot of emails (and eventually you will be). You can track of your domain reputation at MX Toolbox here.