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Get further information on lead filter automations and workflows:

See the image below of an example lead filter workflow (import this workflow into GetResponse now):

Note: to activate the "workflow" on your GetResponse account, you'll need to upgrade to the "Plus" account which allows access to the "Automation Builder" (the small additional cost is worth it to keep your list clean with active subscribers only).

Lead filtering with ActiveCampaign is done with two separate automations "Part 1 Here & Part 2 Here. These two automations work together, set Part 2 to trigger when any email is opened (you don't need link tracking or site tracking triggers). Leave part 1 with no trigger yet set it so active leads get tagged properly but move to inactive based on the time you want, 7 days, 14, etc.

Need Custom 1-On-1 Help?
Yes this all can be very confusing, especially if you are a beginner to email marketing and lead filtering so if you want custom hand holding help you can schedule a "Clarity Call" by clicking here. Once scheduled we'll get on a live screen share meeting and get all of  this in place for you.