Do You Qualify To Take The $2 Challenge?
...And Potentially Earn $100,000+ Per Year Online

From: Terry Lamb
Re: Turnkey Business For You

Dear Colleague —

    Let’s cut to the chase and get down to business here so you can roll with the investment to do this very lucrative program with me, or not

   I’m looking for a FEW *serious people* who are hungry to earn a hefty income online quickly… without having to go through a big learning curve for years

   I’m looking for someone who wants to *skip all the steps* and just get to the cash-flow

I’m looking for a player with money (a winner) who wants to win more... and win big... by even riding my coattails to cashflow quickly instead of doing what most out there do and that’s spin their wheels for years

   I'm looking for a winner who wants to partner-up with me and my team and work closely with us so we can all earn even MORE!

   Basically, what I already do works and has worked for many years and has made me millions, so why reinvent the wheel, let's just take what I'm doing and do more of it... TOGETHER!

   This is THE BIG TIME and I've put it all into a course with an eBook, audio book and 15 videos that won't waste your time and it costs $2 to see if you qualify to move on and earn the big buck with me as your leader (see below)

This Is A… “Let’s-Go-Get-Set-Up-Fast-And-Get-The-Cashflow-Fast!”… Type Offer!

   This is the EASIEST money I’ve ever earned in 20 years, period

   If you want to run your own HIGH PROFIT SYSTEM, then I’ll set you up with what I’m already doing.  Just copy me.

• Must be coachable

• Must be a positive person (no angry crazies please)

• Must be ambitious

• Must want to put numbers on the board quickly

This is not your average online opportunity, it’s a program and a fully set-up online “done for you” business

I’m going to take you by the hand and help you set this all up quickly so you can earn AUTOMATICALLY for years to come like I do

Show Up With Nothing But A Positive, Go-Getting Attitude… And Leave With A Full-Blown AUTOMATED Income System Of Your Own!

A System That Can Produce *TRUE AND REAL* Residual, Passive Income... This has worked for years

Look — Many affluent people out there invest in all sorts of stocks and bonds and whatnot...

   They invest in real estate... or crypto or bonds just hoping to earn a *small* return on their investment...

   I do the same thing, but nothing is more exciting than a “small business”… and nothing beats the possible ROI from a successful business

   This business I have been doing here as a system for many years now... can be as *AUTOMATED* as you’ve ever seen allowing you to be as *ABSENTEE* as humanly possible

   Again, a TRUE online business that provides a REAL skillset and education to REAL clients, is what you want… and this is a PROVEN business I’ve run for many years now! 

   In fact, I’ve owned an online business since the mid 1990’s. You’re in good hands.

I’m Looking To Help 

Winners… To Win More!

Listen — I am currently taking a few “winners” under my wing and helping them CLONE my business (duplicate & replicate it) quickly. 

   Very fast, in as fast as a WEEK or less, you’ll have a brand-new business of your own… even one you can FLIP or sell and cash-out!

   Basically, this opportunity would allow YOU to “market/sell/provide” the exact same thing I do! Plus, I’m teaching you everything I know along the way!

   And, I can even PARTNER WITH YOU on this so you can have an entire team of people do all the fulfillment for you!

   I make millions, have made millions and will make tens of millions more with this...

   So how much you make, is totally up to YOU... but the sky is the limit and my entire business is ALREADY VERY PROVEN!

   You would be cloning what I (already) do well.

   Why reinvent the wheel, I’ve already got the winning system done.

   I’ll be setting it all up for you! A to Z!

We Are Closing The Sales For You

 We fulfill on the clients, you get to keep a nice percentage of the income, for the life of the client (40%) on $2,500, $4,500 & $9,500 WOW!

   We are running and managing the clients and doing all the grunt work to make them happy. We are providing ALL of the training and assets for your clients, so you don’t have to

   You simply generate the leads, or recommend the clients, then pass-on to us to manage the grunt work (and I show you how to generate easy leads even without advertising, it's simple)

   It's not like you don't do anything at all, you have to run your business... but it's easy and I am there to hold your hand every step of the way


Not kidding

   I've been an online business owner for over 20 years and this is the easiest business income system I've ever seen, and it's hot-hot-hot right now!

   Therefore, you keep a percentage of the income for the LIFE of the client... 

   And, we support the customer 100% helping them... getting them leads... setting up funnels... etc. (even coaching!)

   That's right, most of our system clients are great candidates to become COACHING clients of ours and you can earn a substantial amount from that too (upgrading system clients to coaching clients!! and we STILL make the sales for you)

   Read that again.  Did you catch that??

   Both work! It’s your choice!  You can partner with us, have us do the sales calls, the closing, the fulfillment, etc and you keep a percentage (40%)...

   The entire system is 100% done-for-you!  WE will teach you and give you our entire online business on a silver platter for you to run as your own!!

   That's incredibly lucrative & powerful!

Make sense?

   In other words, you can start out as a student then graduate to owning a business blueprint of your own.  You'd basically be learning as you go (earn while you learn)

   Here’s a list of what we will do for you and a walk through

•  You come onboard as a client/student/partner

•  We walk you through the steps of getting set up online and fully functional.

•  You'll get a dedicated coach to walk you step-by-step through the system.

•  My team will do the technical work to set you up.

•  My team will hand you a fully turn-key business to run.  We do it all, the funnels, the sales videos, the emails written, the graphics, everything is fully set-up for you A to Z!  Nothing is left out and you immediately have a FULL BLOWN BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN!

•  We will coach you and teach you how to run that turn-key business and what to do… every step is taught and coached to you (with access to a full blow blueprint of everything).  Ongoing coaching for as long as you need (you'll be able to to master everything!)

•  This is the easiest business, because it's already selling... already proven... it works... and you are just duplicating what already works!

•  Quickly, you’ll have a fully functional online business that provides the best online education and business assets (and coaching!) and more

•  We will show you how to get clients from the hottest social media sites, and other methods, for your new business!

•  We will show you everything

•  It’s easier than you think, I even had two teenagers doing this entire system for their father!

•  You’ll follow the steps to get clients

•  We will close (sell?) the clients for you (many buy without needing to talk to anyone at all though)

•  You just follow the simple system that produces prospects, leads and interested people and let the system do the rest (that’s what I do and if you think I work a lot, you’ve got the wrong Terry here)

• You get paid right away… we send you payments every two weeks after each client pays

• You get paid bi-monthly for life of the client and even residuals…

• It's possible to turn this into a full time living quite quickly…

• Digital education earning a skillset and income for life is easier to sell than anything I’ve ever sold in 30 years of selling... so get in on the gravy train here.

• We teach you everything and coach you personally!

•  Can work the system in 30 min per day... or not even every day… it’s up to you

•  Can outsource to VA’s your part

• TOOLS for an online business can cost $100-200 per month (but not this time), we'll just plug you into the required business assets already in place (not counting if you decide to advertise of course)

• We handle the copywriting to get you fully set-up as well (which is worth an absolute fortune to get this covered for you)

• We handle tech to get you fully set-up.  Finally, have your own squeeze page, landing pages, video sales letter page, form page, calendar page and content pages, a full funnel set up for you!

• If you have 30 min to put into this every other day or so, then this can earn for you

• Sky is the limit

•  You don’t have to be a guru

•  No, this is not spamming social media, we’ve been doing this for 10 years now! 

•  No, you don’t have to do sales calls, we do that for you, but most don’t need sales calls to be closed. It sells itself.

• Yes, you get full dedicated coaching and group coaching on this for life!

• You get video instruction tutorials on this entire system as well, these are BRAND NEW tutorials

• Yes, we know WHO to target on social media (and have hundreds of people doing this as examples) and will coach you on that and set it all up, A to Z

• Nothing is left out. We want you to be wildly successful, obviously

• We charge the client and then pay you. It just works

“How Much Skin Terry?” (I already said, it's only $2 with full training, to qualify)

Well… this is getting my TEN YEARS worth of trials and errors, making mistakes and fixing them, learning this system, mastering it, teaching it, provided to YOU on a silver platter.

You get to take advantage of my TEN years of experience… just given to you!

You get me setting you all up to CLONE my business.


You get my help…

You get my team’s help (the team gets paid good money too)…

You get 100% fulfillment…

You get the “sales team closers (or me) closing for you”…

You get the tech team working for you…

   You get to work closely with me, I’ve produced over 30 million online

   You get a fully loaded, TURN-KEY business

   AND, I’m only taking a few people under my wing.

   This can easily go for 50k+ investment and it would be worth more than that!

   Heck, just being able to work directly with me is worth that IMO, not even counting how you get setup fully, coach you and fulfill for you, and reveal all our secrets to a multi-million dollar (proven!) business!

I'm Only Taking A Few People Under My Wing!

  You already know the price to qualify for this...

  (it was at the very top) and it's only $2

If you follow the steps... and take action on the instructions and coaching provided, I am willing to guarantee you whatever income level you choose.

   Now, that does not count if you disappear on me or don't take action.  You have to follow the steps.

   Again, it's minimum amount of effort for maximum profits... the sky is the limit on this, but this is a minimum of whatever you desire in 90 days or less!

   How can I provide this?

   Well, if you follow the steps, this is a slam dunk!

   However, I can only lead a horse to water, I cannot make it drink.  You've got to take the super easy steps... that's it.

The Question Is...
Do YOU Qualify?

Heck... it's $2 to see IF you qualify, not counting the coaching, technical done for you, access to my systems and secrets... I must be insane!

Let me say it one more time…

   Digital information & education is HOT HOT HOT and if you’re not rolling with digital online learning then you are doing it wrong or not even trying (yet).

   This done-for-you sales funnel system is also HOT HOT HOT!

   Look — My opportunity here is rare

   I’m basically GIVING you my entire million dollar business and cloning it all for you. 

   Show up with nothing but a good attitude and skin in the game, and I’ll provide you with the exact same business I do right now, soup to nuts, A to Z!

   ... TURNKEY!

   I hand you the keys to your online business capable of making you a very nice high ticket and residual income (full time living!)

   Step-up and go all in.

   Get all the help you need running a real business, finally.

   Get a trusted expert (me!) who has been there and done that helping you!

   Get everything you need and then some to be successful.

   Finally set aside the other “distractions out there” and junk… and build a real business so you can live a more freedom lifestyle FROM HOME!

   Finally go all in.

   This works.

   It works, it works, it works!

   I’m only taking a few and that’s it! (an 8th grader has qualified for this)

   If you’re in... and you are willing to invest in yourself and in this business (and getting coaching from me!)… then click the button below and checkout the details

Listen this is A VERY LIMITED and high-end... high-touch... PREMIUM program for Serious Winners ONLY... Who Want To Win Even More!  VERY-LIMITED!

A note on "why you need to qualify"...

  Truth is, anyone can qualify for this - however the tire kickers (skeptics) won't pay $2 to find out and I know that to be a FACT.

  With the $2 entry fee, I'm weeding out the whiners and the losers who wouldn't pay a dime to learn how to get out of their own way (sad but true) HOWEVER if you are a winner, an action taker, a person who wants real income from an online business FOLLOWING a proven winner (me) and the system I use; you can win also.

Let's rock this in 2022 - success is a choice - what do you choose?

Terry Lamb

About Me...

My entrepreneurial journey started in 1994, when I finished university and became an Airline Captain for a major US airline. Starting income was low so I started selling "information" online and I never looked back. I took early retirement from being a pilot in 2006 and here we are today, living the dream of simple online income and most of all financial freedom.

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