letting go, the minimalist life

I recently let go…

Let go of all my worldly belongings, sold it all.

However, I kept…

2 spoons
2 knives
2 forkes
2 plates
2 coffee cups

Seriously, that’s all I kept.

I moved into an RV and as I write this - it’s day #2.

In fact, last night it rained so hard on my metal roof, it sounded like a freight train rolling over top of me, literally.

Why did I let go - being a wealthy “single” guy?

I was consuming 600 Gigabytes of data per month, social media, video streaming, etc. (go see how much data you use, it's crazy really).

And my health was going down - I got lazy (comfortable).

And it made me think of the Rocky movie (Rocky 4), where he went to the Russian mountains to focus and train for his fight with that 6 foot blonde Russian fighting machine; Ivan Drago.

And although I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams at 50yrs old, I was becoming soft.

Booji as some say. BOO-GEEE

That old, comfortable life is over - I moved into a small (ultra small) RV and I rented a barn, where I’ll build a makeshift workout/gym and transform my physical self over the next 12 months, then go on the road traveling in my RV.

It’s extreme.

It’s harsh.

It’s a punishment to myself - for getting soft and comfortable.

I had to do it - or end up fat, wealthy and unhealthy.

Not a good combo ^^^


Why am I sharing this with you?

Because YOU still need to make your own changes, and make money while doing it.

That’s what I have done to become rich and free - I make money online by showing others how to make money online.

What do I use to create all this wealth?

Email - what you are reading right now.

I’ll be putting my heart and soul into showing YOU (my email list subscriber) how to…

Make $$ & Be Free

  • by build an email list (an audience)
  • sending an email a day (I can write them for you)
  • showing you the best offers to showcase and profit from

And together we can both be free.

Today this email is the start of it all - EPISODE #1.

Watch what I have to show you, give you and guide you on - this will be epic, and an epic journey.

Looking forward to helping you be free, like me - even if it means getting uncomfortable for a time while we re-focus.

Talk tomorrow….

Terry Lamb

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P.S. I'm going to plant a seed here, and it's that blogging (having a blog) is back in vogue big time and I'll tell you why in my next few emails; this is huge and the ONLY place I would get a blog setup is here.

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