Endless "Guaranteed" Opt In Email Subscribers Directly To Your Email List

NO MORE BUYING CLICKS: This Endless Leads Program "Guarantees" YOU As Many Email Opt In Subscribers As You Want - No Catch - The Only Limitation Is Your Budget

Endless Leads Program Cost:

Setup fee for all guaranteed lead packages below: $50.

500 Leads = $410 (.82 cents per lead)

1,000 Leads = $610 (.61 cents per lead)

5,000 Leads = $2,200 (.44 cents per lead)

10,000 Leads = $3,000 (.30 cents per lead)

The Details:

After 25+ years of advertising online, I know for a fact that you have to spend a minimum of $3-$8 per lead if advertising on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Google) << and that's IF you are really good at advertising and converting clicks to email subscribers. I have spent as much as $162 per email opt in subscriber to my online webinars (and yes I made money even at that high cost per lead). You can get these guaranteed leads for as lows as .30 cents per lead (Unheard of!!!)

Note: these are NOT clicks, I don't send you "traffic" NO! I send you guaranteed email opt in subscribers. Period.

FACT: you don't make any sales because you don't have any volume of leads, you don't have a list you can "go to" and get more eyes on your offer(s). Oh sure, you can go out and work your tail off on social media, posting for free 8 times per day and get 7 leads per week - but we both know that's not enough to sustain an income, let alone a lifestyle.

When it comes to email, you need 1,000's of leads to be effective; but if you want to make the big bucks, you need a LOT of emails, consistently, daily - and this is the only program I have ever seen in my 25 years that can deliver. I've been doing  this for myself and my own offers for some time now and I have it locked down, able to put you into the rotation of endless leads. Contact me above and let's discuss the specifics for you.


The only requirements are that you have your own email autoresponder such as (GetReponse or Sendlane): in my testing those are the best/fastest services (note: I DO NOT recommend Aweber, they are known to block more than they allow however if you insist we can try them, on a per person basis). You will be creating a custom opt in form with my direction collecting only email and no double opt in (we can discuss why that is best if you are buying leads). You'll then pass me the email opt in form code and I will host the code on my own lighting fast server, used to send leads to all of my offers. Yes, in certain instances I can send email subscribers to your custom pages however due to page load times, we have to limit the leads you receive in a 24 hour period if we do that, and often that does not make sense to build a list that slowly.


Targeted leads? - there is no such thing as lead targeting when it comes to cold leads. Cold leads are just that, intended to be warmed up; get a lead on your list and show them your offer(s), they will raise their hand IF and when they like what you have (now that is a targeted lead) otherwise, cold leads are just people, with diverse interests at any given time. Someone may be into fitness one week, only dating the next month and interested in starting an online business periodically; it's all about YOU having a list and making offers. My guaranteed opt in subscribers builds you a massive list (the money is in the list and the follow up, over time).

"Let me test this and see how the leads convert first" -- I always laugh at this one, and it's painful to hear after 25 years in the industry - if you are thinking this then you have already lost. Technically, an opt in subscriber is a "conversion", they got on your list so my endless leads program would give you a near 100% conversion if that's what you mean. However, you do NOT get a "lead" on your list and then it automatically converts to a sale NO! (although that's possible, it's not likely) As stated above, that lead is a person, with diverse interests at any given time, you simply email them and make your offers, make a connection and in my experience I have had people on my email list for 3 years before they buy anything, others buy much faster - it's a process. What it is NOT is - get lead, did they buy immediately, no? ok, these leads are crap! << NO it doesn't work that way (get lead, get sale). Just being real with you, however with no leads, you still have nothing - YOU NEED LEADS; LOTS OF THEM!

Leads Don't Convert: Offers Do! << remember that one statement, it's the key to email marketing and really, any money making offer online. Right offer, right message at the right time. The only way to achieve that is to actually do it, actually build a large list, actually make offers, send messages daily, and "hope" it is received at the right time for that lead/person. The online industry has made you think (get a lead, it then converts to a sale) OR it's a bad lead; WRONG! a lead is a lead and it's value is based on YOU, your messaging, your offer, the right timing (for that person) etc.

How Are These Lead Generated? Over the years (25+) of me being in the "make money online" industry, I mastered paid advertising (Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc.) and I personally needed a lot of leads for my offers (I have dozens of them) and my offers are diverse, so I run ads that generate massive amounts of leads per day, each is a real person, with real interest in receiving emails with diverse offers. Pretty simple.

If these leads are so great, why don't you keep them all for yourself? - Excellent question and here is the honest truth; it comes down to cost to house those leads (your email autoresponder company charges you by the size of your list); here's what I mean. I have so many leads coming in from my ads each day, that if I put them all on my own list, the cost to have that large of a list outweighs the value of the list. My ads are working so well to generate me 10's of thousands of leads, I'm not slowing them down or shutting them off NO! I like to keep a list of about 100,000 active leads - and every week I remove unresponsive leads (leads that didn't open an email and/or click a link). You should be doing the same thing; yet if you don't have an email list of 100K subscribers, you probably aren't making much money - especially if you think that getting a lead will get you an immediate sale. The money is not in housing the lead or even obtaining it, it's in the follow up (the fortune is in the follow up). Build a huge list of "ACTIVE" subscribers and you win, dabble in having a small list expecting everyone to buy from you, and you end up like the masses, busy and broke online. Take my advice, build a large list and reap the rewards - all of the other options are for hobbyists.

Yes, Endless Leads For Your Offer(s)

I know of no other place on the internet where you can get "endless" leads at this cost and Guarantee - NO WHERE! 

Terry Lamb

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