ClickBank Affiliate + Email Marketing

On Autopilot 100% Done For You

The #1 way to earn a income online, easily is...

Sending affiliate offers via email.

Why email?

You have full control over the outcome; no advertising network (Facebook, Google?) can shut you down, disable your account or ban you.

HOWEVER - you DO have to do the following which is the part that limits most people from succeeding.

  • you have to get good at the tech stuff (web pages, capture pages, domain names, wordpress, etc.)
  • you have to get good at building an email list with paid advertising (a science in and of itself)
  • you have to host your email list (autoresponder?) and play the game not to upset their "rules"
  • you have to be a great copywriter, you must learn how to sell with words (another science)

And those are just the highlighted points; it goes much deeper when you are actually doing it.


What if you could just plug into a company that is already doing this, daily?

A company that already has the infrastructure, the tech is in place, the list of 100,000+ leads and growing?

All you'd have to do is join the affiliate network (ClickBank) which is free by the way; and then just rotate your affiliate ID through the emails already being sent daily.

In fact - it's completely possible and I've built the company called RocketOffers.

What is "RocketOffers"?

RocketOffers is an email marketing company built over 10 years ago with a list of over 100,000 leads and growing, covering all of the hot online niches such as health, finance, beauty, spiritual and make money online.

In fact, we primarily promote all of the most high converting offers on the leading online affiliate platform called ClickBank.

ClickBank has a free affiliate program that anyone can join and get access to thousands of offers with payouts from 50% up to 95%.

Who Else Wants 100% Done For You, ClickBank Affiliate Marketing?

At RocketOffers we email our list of interested prospects (growing every day) with the hottest offers and for a limited time you can put your personal ClickBank affiliate ID in the rotation of offers that go out daily.

How do you make money with this?

You purchase a "level of rotation" 1X, 2X or 3X and your affiliate link is rotated through clicks received when a lead clicks on our email link(s) - and you earn the full ClickBank commission (50-95%) as if you made the direct sale yourself. In fact you can log into your ClickBank back office and check your sales stats 24/7 anytime.

How much money can you make with this?

Money in the email marketing business is based in a concept called "arbitrage" - where essentially you take your profits for the month and subtract the cost of advertising (in your case the cost of the 1X, 2X or 3X rotation) and that is what you'll make.

How fast can I make money?

Market cycles and buying cycles change monthly depending on seasons and the hottest offers; the smartest thing to do is to look at your overall profits over a 12-18 month period. This is not get rich quick this is simple math really, looking at cost and profits over time; NOT on a daily or weekly or even monthly basis.

What does "Rotation" mean at the 1X, 2X & 3X levels?

When you purchase a "rotation" level in our email system - your ClickBank affiliate ID will be rotated through every email offer we send out, every post on Facebook and even on our daily blog.

Each link rotation is based on a total weight of 10, meaning for every 10 clicks on affiliate links (offers) if you have a 1X rotation, your link would get 1 click (a click is an opportunity to make a sale), and if you have a 2X rotation then you'd get 2 of the 10 clicks and so on. You can mix and match and buy multiple rotations at any of the 3 levels.

All Of The Upside, With None Of The Down Side

With our list of 100,000+ subscribers and your ClickBank affiliate ID in rotation on ALL offers, you get all of the upside with none of the downside of - all of the tech, work, cost & creativity required to run such an email marketing operation.

AND as mentioned, we don't just email - we also post to our blog daily AND on Facebook.

SO your affiliate link gets much more exposure than just email - and this really maximizes your rotation level over time.

Who Is This For?

This is for anyone who doesn't have the time or inclination to spend the last 10+ years building such a business, a list of 100,000+ subscribers and all of the tech (not to mention creativity/copywriting) required to run such an operation.

This is truly a DONE-FOR-YOU affiliate marketing opportunity - for those who just don't have time (or the large expense) to build a profitable email marketing business - yet you still want to be "in the game" and earn profits over time.

Lock In Your Rotation Level
Prices Will Increase
When Current Slots Fill Up

To join the RocketOffers / ClickBank affiliate marketing rotation, choose your rotation level below and simply share your ClickBank affiliate ID with us (full instructions after joining), and you'll be setup in the rotation system immediately. LOCK IN your rotation level pricing now and never have to pay the higher cost when prices go up!

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You missed out!

6 Slots Remaining

$97 / Month

1 Slots Remaining

$197 / Month

1 Slots Remaining

$297 / Month

Limited Time Bonus: choose the 3X Level above and I'll give you 50% commission on my best converting email offer (Forex training @ - a $500 sale commission direct to you) on top of all of the ClickBank offer commissions.

No More Tech / Work On Your Part - 100% Done-For-You

We email our list daily, post to our blog and post on Facebook and rotate your ClickBank affiliate ID on every offer.

#1, You no longer have to do any of the technical work (capture page, ads, copywriting, email system)
#2, You simply check your ClickBank back office for sales and commissions.